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We believe that America is great due to the inspired Constitution as well as the blessings of God.  The Constitution is being threatened on many fronts.  Additionally, many institutions and individuals have abandoned their faith in God.  It is the duty of citizens to unite to support Constitutional government and conservative principles.  We are a group focused on education and action.  Find a local Facebook group to get involved.
"The only thing needed for evil to conquer is for good men and women to do nothing."


Don't forget to complete your vote by mail ballots! 

Following are the individuals we are supporting in the upcoming primary elections due to their consistent conservative stance and defense of the Constitution:

Congressional 3rd District:  Chris Herrod

American Fork Mayor:                 Carlton Bowen
Cedar Hills City Council:             Maurice Navarro
Eagle Mountain Mayor                 Stephanie Gricius
Highland Mayor:                              Rod Mann
Orem City Mayor:                           Hans Anderson
Orem City Council:                         Melodee Anderson
Pleasant Grove City Council:    Ben Stanley
Saratoga Springs City Council: Josh Daniels     

Current Issues

Freedom of Speech

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UC Berkeley is an example of liberal extremism without proper law enforcement controls.  People of all political beliefs need to unite against violence unlawful behavior.

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By joining a local Facebook group associated with Constitutional Conservatives of Utah County, you can stay informed on local events, share things you have learned and learn from others, truly make a differenc in your local community and, in turn, make a difference in the world.

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Selected Quotes From Our Charter

Core Beliefs
-A belief in God as the grantor of our rights is the foundational principle of freedom.
-The Constitution of the United State was inspired and has resulted in progress and blessings unparalleled throughout history.
-Drifting away from Constitutional principles has caused the sovereignty of the United States to be at risk as well as the individual freedoms of its citizens.
-The Constitution puts power in the hands of the people through the voting process.
-An informed electorate is the responsibility of the people to ensure that the Constitution is followed.
-The Constitution limits the federal government to a few narrowly defined duties in Article 1 section 8 and further clarified by the 10th amendment, which defines the proper role of government at a federal level.
-If all levels of government limit their activity to the proper roles, there will be less government intrusion and all levels of government will bring their debt levels to reasonable amounts.
-Life, liberty and property must be protected by government including the life of the unborn.
-It is the responsibility of each individual citizen to do their part to help us retain our freedom.
-A people cannot remain free without morality.  Moral law makers and moral laws will be promoted.
-The right to keep and bear arms is crucial to preserving freedom.
-Maintaining and defending religious liberty is of paramount importance.

Why Constitutional Conservatives Group is Needed

-Politicians from both major parties have lost their way and have put the US in a position where our freedom and financial viability is at stake.

-Because the constitution has been ignored, government at all levels has expanded past its logical and Constitutional limits.

-Candidates running for office that are willing to “play ball” and go along with the existing power structure are promoted by powerful politicians already in office as well as by the media.

-Nearly all top media outlets are controlled by very powerful liberal biases and can sway public opinion through both subtle and non-subtle ways.

-Many people run for office that have desires for power and are therefore easily manipulated by those that will offer them that power.

-The people are the ultimate keepers of the Constitution and have not fulfilled their role to protect and defend it by electing good people.

-The only way to save our country, state, county, city, etc.., is to return back the principles of the Constitution by electing those who will stand by the Constitution above any other pressures.

    Other Resources

    Read the ucrp platform here .  Constitutional Conservatives of Utah County  (CCUC) endorse the platform or the UCRP

    The Utah Eagle Forum has been fighting for the right to the life of the unborn as well as against a convention of the states.  CCUC endorses both of these efforts of the Utah Eagle Forum. 
    The John Birch Society
    Utah Grassroots


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